Christian Education


“Believing that all people are children of God, the mission of Christian Education at Thompson’s Station United Methodist Church is to bring both children and adults into a deeper relationship with God through Bible study, literature study, prayer, and fellowship. To that end, we seek to offer study that is both meaningful and relevant in today’s world so that as we grow in our knowledge and love of God, we will become faithful servants in our homes, our church, our workplaces, our communities, and our world.”


There are many options at TSUMC if you are interested in furthering your Christian education. 



Acolyte Service

Children’s Outreach

Family Mission Trips

Sunday School

Vacation Bible School

Puppet Ministry



Sunday School

Teen Outreach and WOW Intensives




Bible Study, 72 + U Training and WOW Intensives 

Choir and Handbells

Mission Trips

Prayer Groups

         UMW and UMM