Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms” ~1 Peter 4:10


Since 2008 TSUMC has had the privilege of creating unique Mission Trips where adults, teens and families have served in many different ministry capacities around the U.S. and locally in the Nashville area.

Here is a brief summary of the work our teams have accomplished as we have sought to serve God in Tennessee, Mississippi, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky:


Summer 2008 Teen and Adult Mission Trip (Biloxi, MS – Katrina Relief)


  • stripped paint from flooded home exterior, pressure treated, primed and repainted (Biloxi, MS)

  • mucked and gutted

Summer 2009 Adult and Teen Mission Trip (Gary & Munster, IN & Hammond, IL – Flood Relief)


  • mucked and gutted

  • called 250+ survivors in crisis to check on their status and provide listening ears and steps for getting further assistance


Summer 2010 Teen and Adult Mission Trip (Cranks & Harlan KY)


  • hung vinyl siding for a blind man’s home – he showed us how!

  • ripped up and replaced rotted floor

  • installed trailer flashing and shored up foundation



Fall 2010 Family Mission Trip (Cranks & Harlan KY)


  • built wheelchair ramp

  • played games and worshipping with children in need



Summer 2011 Teen and Adult Mission Trip (Cranks & Harlan KY)


  • demolished rotted porch and completely rebuilt it from the ground up

  • bagged 2.4 tons of dried beans to feed the hungry at Christmas



Fall 2011 Family Mission Trip (Nashville, TN)


  • sought out the homeless in parks and downtown Nashville to listen to their stories and learn what it is like to be homeless right in our hometown

  • served lunch and listened to the stories of the hungry guests at Isaiah 58 soup kitchen

  • bagged 3,600 pounds of potatoes at Second Harvest Food Bank to help hungry families


Summer 2015 (Youth 2015 in Orlando, FL)

What WONDERFUL ADVENTURES we have had serving the Lord!!

Stay tuned to watch this list grow as we stretch ourselves to accomplish even more tasks to make our country a better, safer place to live!